Original Yanhua Digimaster 3 Odometer Correction Tool Master No Token Limitation

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  • Description
  • Digimaster 3 Digimaster III Original Odometer Correction Master Update Online

    Top 8 Reasons to Get Digimaster 3

    1. Latest Version: 1.8.2001.15
    2. Support Language: English
    3. Update: Online Update
    4. Original Yanhua Brand. with High Quality
    5. No Tokens Limitation, and we will offer Extra 200 Tokens Coming for Newer and High-End Cars for you to Update Free
    6. It contains a high performance hardware platform which takes high-speed CPLD and the ARM11 processor as the core technology
    7. It works with various types of adapter you can easily achieve odometer correction, Audio decoding, airbag resetting, engine ECU resetting, IMMO, programming key for Benz &BMW etc
    8. It contains the advanced technology of programming new keys for BMW and Benz, CAS-BDM reading/writing and resetting; 35080V6 erasure etc. large numbers of pictures and particular description makes your operation pleasant

    What is Yanhua Digimaster 3?

    Digimaster 3 is the third generation multi-functional Automobile data adjusting equipment developed by Nanning Yanhua Electronics Co.,Ltd. It bases on a high performance hardware platform which takes high-speed CPLD
    and the ARM11 processor as the core device.

    Seven inch LCD touch-screen with high resolution makes its interface easy-used. Working with various types of adapter you can easily achieve odometer correction Audio decoding¡¢airbag resetting engine ECU resetting IMMO, programming key for Benz and BMW etc. It is applicative for all types of data processing such as OBD connection, dashboard soldering, CAS-BDM.

    It contains the advanced technology of programming new keys for BMW and Benz, CAS-BDM reading/writing and resetting, 35080V6 erasure etc. The operation interface is highly user friendly, large numbers of pictures and particular description makes your operation pleasant. Online updating and module authorization keeps you always on the leading edge of technology.

    Digimaster 3 Main Function List:

    Odometer correction
    Audio decoding
    Airbage reset
    ECU programming
    PIN Code Reading
    BMW key programming

    Digimaster 3 function

    Digimaster 3 Special Features:

    1.Support OBD2 interface odometer adjustment of Volkswagen, Audi, Benz, BMW and BMW 7 Series models: E65 CAS and 2009 Audi A6L and Q7.
    2.Read BMW CAS1/ 2/ 3 data by CAN interface.
    3.Online reading BMW CAS1/ 2/ 3/ 3+/ 4, Mercedes-Benz EIS EEPROM and FLASH data by BDM.
    4.Support the Mercedes-Benz S, C, E, odometer and EIS adjustment; Porsche, Ferrari, Bentley and other European luxury cars odometer adjustment; Chinese domestic car MCU and engineering machinery odometer adjustment;
    5.Support the MOTOROLA/FREESCALE series CPU (including some CPU flash) data read and write.
    6.Support key programming for Mercedes Benz and BMW series cars.

    Digimaster 3 Support Car List:

    Alfa,Cadillac,Daihatsu,Aston,Martin,Chrysler,Honda,Audi,Ford,Hyundai,Bentley,GM,ISUZU,BMW,Lincoln,KIA,Benz,Lexus,Citroen,Mazda FIAT,Mitsubishi,Ferrari,Nissan,Jaguar,Proton,Lamborghini,SSangYong,Lancia,Subaru,Lotus,SUZUKI,Man,Toyota,Opel,peugeot,Porsche          
    Renault,Rover,Saab,Skoda,Volvo,Volkswagen,Wiesmann,Truck Forkman Maserati,Othe vehicle Motorcycle Truck 

    Digimaster 3 workable market and cars

    Digimaster 3 Support European Car List

    Digimaster 3 supportted European car list

    Digimaster 3 Support American Car List

    Digimaster 3 supportted American car list

    Digimaster 3 Support Japanese and Korean Car List

    Digimaster 3 supportted Japanese and Korean car list

    Digimaster 3 Support Motor Type

    Digimaster iii support Motor type

    Digimaster 3 Support Airbag Resetting

    Digimaster 3 airbag resetting supportted brand cars


    Digimaster 3 Support Support IMMO

    digimaster iii supportted car list

    Digimaster 3 Support Key Programming
    BMW  Benz 

    Digimaster 3 Program Keys for Mercedes Benz and Support Models

    Digimaster iii program keys for Mercedes Benz and support models

    Digimaster 3 make key for BMW and workable immobilizer type, D3 program ECU for BMW and
    supported chip type

    Digimaster iii make key for BMW and workable immobilizer type

    Digimaster 3 Audio Decoding Car List

    Include:Alfa,Audi,Benz,BMW,Ford,GM,Honda,Lexus,Mazda,Misubishi,Peugeot,Porsche,Renault,Toyota,Volvo,Volkswagen,Other,Address,BMW TV-free
    Digimaster 3 supports cars of audio decoding

    Digimaster 3-please select the operation type: File, IC Read, CPU Program and Signal Generator

    Digimaster iii-please select the operation type

    Digimaster 3 Dgiagnostic port read code

    Digimaster iii Dgiagnostic port read code

    Digimaster 3 supported Citroen type

    Digimaster iii supported Citroen type

    Yanhua Digimaster 3 Latest Update Information:

    Digimaster 3 Update on 2020.01.16 (Version:1.8.2001.15)

    New add car model for odometer adjustment:

    Kubota tractor M704
    Lexus Nx

    Digimaster 3 Update on 2019.10.31 (Version:1.8.1910.28)

    New added car model for Airbag resetting:
    Honda 77960-T4N-S911-M1
    Honda 77960-T4N-T710-M1

    New added car models for odometer adjustment:
    Cadillac SRX
    Cadillac XTS
    MG GM6
    Kia Soul
    MG 750

    ICP-TEST adapter for 24 serial chip

    Digimaster 3 Update on 2020.09.27(Version:1.8.1909.26)

    New adder car model for Airbag resetting:
    Mitsubishi P8635A073 25640
    Mitsubishi P8635A067 25640

    New add car model for odometer adjustment:
    Kubota Harvester 93C46(V2)

    Digimaster 3 Update on 2020.08.28 (Version:1.8.1908.05) 

    New added car model for Airbag resetting:
    Mitsubishi P8635A207
    Citroen C5-9810155880
    Honda 77960-T9A-P820-M1
    Honda 77960-T4N-H711-M1
    Honda 77960-TS6-H711-M1
    Honda 77960-T4D-H710-M1
    Honda 77960-T6P-S610-M1
    Honda 77960-T6P-H420-M1
    Suzuki 38910-62L00
    Honda 77960-T2A-H720-M1

    New add car model for odometer adjustment:
    Kubota Tractor 93C56
    Casece Harvester 93C46
    Suzuki Vitara 93C46

    New Added Adapter:
    Universal Pin Detect Adapter

    New added car model for airbag resetting: (Release Date 2019-03-28)

    Mitsubishi F8635A248
    Mitsubishi F8635A25I
    Mitsubishi F8635A206
    New added car model for odometer adjustment:
    HONDA Motor CBR1000
    SUZUKI Motor 93C66

    New added car models for Airbag resetting (Release Date 2019-02-27)
    SUZUKI 38910-59J71-000
    MG Rover 10003952-01
    Infiniti 988201WW2A

    New added car model for Airbag resetting (Release Date 2019-01-30)
    Toyota 4700-89170-60330
    Toyota RAV4-89170-42630
    Toyota 89170-08080
    Toyota FJ-CRUISE 89170-35270
    Toyota 89170-02B00
    SSanYong Rexton 86250-08121

    New added car mode for odometer adjustment  (Release Date 2019-01-30)
    Honda 2018 CRV

    Digimaster 3 Connector Instruction

    125 Pin adapter connector815 Pin adapter connector
    2Mini USB Connector9Power adapter
    3USB Mouse Connector10switch
    4RJ45 LAN Connector11Power Indicator Light
    5Earphone Connector12Touch-Pen Connector
    6SD Card Connector13Keyboard
    7Microphone Connector147 Inch LCD Touch-screen
    KeystokeFunction Instruction
    keyboardopen/close soft-keyboard

    Digimaster 3 FAQs:

    Q1: Does this also reprogram the internal odometer storage?
    A1: Yes

    Q2: Can it correct the mileage through the obd connector for the 2016 nissan rouge, 2014 nissan altima and 2016 hyundai sonata.
    A2: It can not correct the mileage through the obd connector.

    Q3: Digiprog 3 vs Digimaster3, which one is better?
    A3: We do not recommend Digiprog3; it cannot update and no tech support. We give Digiprog3 free one year ago to let our customers compare by themselves. Now we significantly lower the price of Digimaster3 and we no longer provide free Digiprog3 anymore.

    Q4: I have bought a diagmaster 3 fron your website and I want to update for adding new model,it is not token for present car list,if i update,the new model need pay for tokens?
    A4: If you update,pls contact us,we can sell newer car tokens to you.We have bought all tokens from original supplier.

    Digimaster 3 Reviews:

    Digimaster 3 vs tacho pro 2008.07/2008.01
    Digimaster 3 is a very profeesional and good tool for miles.
    as tacho pro 2008.07,digimaster 3 can do newer car till 2010,and can be added new car when it get update on line,but tacho pro only can do car till 2007-2008,can not be update.

    Both tool no need tokens,but if you want to add new car to digimaster 3 ,you need buy tokens from us.And also this 2 tool need to remove the dashboard,and digimaster 3 is more hard to use,it need more professional technical control.

    For function, DIGIMASTER 3 can do more:

    but tacho only can do miles,and can not do BMW,benz well.
    for language,D3 only has english,tacho pro is multi-language.
    if clone: Digimaster 3 is original,tacho pro is copy one,but both of them have one year warranty.

    Mercedes W212 change km through digimaster 3
    Late 2013 Mercedes W212 you need to correct odometer and install CAN Filter (EZS nothing).The can filter goes near the cluster. I have done with Yanhua Digimaster 3. It is not cheap. But I think at you can use digiprog 3. By the way, take backup from eeprom first.

    Digimaster 3 Accessories Package List:

    DigimasterIII Host                        1 pc
    12V Switch Power Supply            1 pc
    OBP Adapter                                1 pc
    ICP Adapter                                  2 pc
    9S12 Adapter                               1 pc
    W220/W203 Adapter                   1 pc
    EWS-K Adapter                            1 pc
    IAR Adapter                                 1 pc
    MC705 Adapter                           1 pc
    MC711 Adapter                           1 pc
    NEC KEY Adapter                        1 pc
    BAV-KEY Adapter                        1 pc
    MC705E6 Adapter                       1 pc
    NXP Adapter                               1 pc
    ESL connector                             1 pc
    29F Serial Adapter                      1 pc
    K&CAN Adapter                         1 pc
    NEC Adapter                               1 pc
    CAS-BDM programmer              1 pc
    CAN OBD DMI                            1 pc
    OBD Socket cables                     1 pc
    Meter Sockets                             6 pcs
    IC bag                                          14 pcs
    35080 V6 Adapter                       1 pc
    12V cigar lighter cable                1 pc
    Mini USB line (1.5m)                    1 pc
    D3 Installation Disk v1.0             1 pc
    Maintenance Manual                  1 pc
    Devself Test Adapter                  1 pc
    AZ60 F Adapter                           1 pc

    Optional Configuration List:
    BIOS Upgrading Cable                1 pc
    ESL Adapter Data Hard Disk        1 pc

  • Specification
    1. Original Digimaster 3 also is called Digimaster III or shortly D3 works with various types of adapter you can easily achieve odometer correction, Audio decoding, airbag resetting, engine ECU resetting, IMMO, programming key for Benz &BMW etc.
    2. Support CAS4+ CPU 1N35H read and write function for BMW year after 2014.
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  • Customer Reviews
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