Xhorse VVDI2 Full Version Car Key Programmer V6.8.0 with OBD48 + 96bit 48 + MQB + BMW FEM/BDC

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  • Description
  • Xhorse VVDI2 Full Kit with OBD48 + 96bit 48-Clone + MQB + BMW FEM/BDC
    You will get VVDI2 Full Version including following authorizations.
    1) VV-01 VAG 4th immobilizer
    2) VV-02 VAG 5th immobilizer
    3) VV-03 VAG Copy 48 transponder by OBDII
    4) VV-04 ID48 96Bit Copy
    5) VV-05 VAG MQB Immobilizer
    6) VB-01 BMW OBD
    7) VB-02 BMW CAS4
    8) VB-03 FEM/BDC Function
    9) VP-01 Porsche immo data tool
    10) VPSA-01 PSA
    11) VK-01 Transponder Programmer
    12) VJ-01 Passthru J2534
    13) Toyota H Chip

    Please note:
    1.Pls directly give us serial number, we will active the followings free: 
    OBD read MED17/EDC17 PIN / CS / MAC, calculate OBD data online, calculate EEPROM / FLASH for PIN/MAC/CS.
    2. It connects to the server and synchronizes once every 31 days. This process is done automatically by itself for 1 day, internet connection is required for this process.
    3.Toyota H Chip authorization, please get by yourself: Select in xhorse update kit software bind,log in Customer Self Service, point shop to click Activate H.
    4. VVDI2 Language:
    VVDI2 for BMW Language: English, Italian, Spanish, Polish, German, Hungarian, Chinese
    VVDI2 for VAG Language: English, Polish, Spanish, Chinese
    VVDI2 for Porsche Language: English, Polish, Spanish, Chinese
    VVDI2 for PSA Language: English, Polish, Spanish, Chinese
    VVDI2 for Transponder Programmer Language: English, Polish, Spanish, Chinese

    Xhorse VVDI2 Full Version Special Functions

    Volkswagen Software:
    Support Volkswagen, Audi, Skoda, Seat, Porsche, Bentley  ect.
    Main Function:Diagnose,4th immo,5th immo system
    Learn key
    remote adaptation
    change KM
    Program Engine control unit(Passat ICC By OBD)
    Unlock Immo1/Immo2 firmware protection
    Support data manipulation tools
    K-line instrument /immo box
    adapt unit module component protection, dump tool and so on

    Porsche Software:
    Support file make key and key learn by OBD2
    EEPROM support:1L15Y,2M25J,5M48H,1N35H
    Transponder Programmer Introduction:
    Remote transponder programmer, hundred kinds of special transponders, thousand kinds of vehicles supported immo data tool,
    prepare remote, copy remote, copy transponder(11,12,13,40,44,Hitags(46),48),other key tool(find 7th CS from working key) etc
    BMW Software:
    Unit coding
    OBD key learn(CAS1/CAS2/CAS3/CAS3+)
    File Make Key(CAS1/CAS2/CAS3/CAS3+/CAS4/CAS4+)
    mileage correction,
    read & write EWS/CAS EEPROM
    synchronize DME-CAS, synchronize CAS-ELV
    unlock key
    CAS repaired etc
    Fix CAS4 EEPROM key programmer
    Generate specialized chips
    Immobilizer data processing tool
    Other key tools
    Generate remote control

    Peugeot/Citroen/DS get password, key learn
    test remote frequency
    Support PASSTHRU J2534,can be used by third party software ODIS ect.With built-in switch matrix, it supports third-party diagnostic software including:
    ODIS, Toyota TIS techstream etc. 
    To perform VVDI2 diagnostic function, third-party diagnostic software should be compatible with J2534 function.

    How to activate Toyota H Chip Function in VVDI2 Full?

    1) Connect VVDI2 to PC via USB cable 

    2) Open Upgrate kit, select VVDI2 
    VVDI2 Activate Toyota H Chip
    and go to System Point 
    VVDI2 Activate Toyota H Chip

    3) Click View My bonus Points 

    VVDI2 Activate Toyota H Chip

    4)Type Login and password for your account on Customer Self Service website

    5) Select Activate H
    VVDI2 Activate Toyota H Chip

    Xhorse VVDI2 Latest Update Information:

    VVDI2 Latest Software Version V6.8.0 Update 2020-11-05 

    VVDI2 V6.8.0 Free Download
    Require firmware V6.8.0 
    !!!This version require update firmware V6.8.0!!!
    ===== VAG V6.8.0 =====
    1. Improvement for autodetect VAG immobilizer system
    2. Support Update/Unlock 8E electronic remote(A6/Q7 J518)
    3. Bugfix

    ===== BMW V6.8.0 =====
    1. Improvement for FEM/BDC key learning
    2. Bugfix

    ===== Porsche V6.8.0 =====
    1. Bugfix

    ===== PSA V6.8.0 =====
    1. Bugfix

    ===== Transponder Programmer V6.8.0 ===== 
    1. Improvement for make remote
    2. Immobilizer data tool:Asia->Ssangyong->Actyon->Diesel-9S12(DST80) bugfix
    3. Bugfix

    ===== Copy 48 (96 bits) V6.8.0 =====
    1. Bugfix

    ===== J2534 V6.8.0 =====
    1. Bugfix

    ===== Online Upate Tool V6.8.0 =====
    1. Bugfix

    ===== Quick Start V6.8.0 =====
    1. Bugfix

    VVDI2 Latest Software Version V6.7.0 Update 2020-03-31 
    Require firmware V6.6.8 
    ===== VAG V6.7.0 =====
    1. Improvement for autodetect VAG immobilizer system
    2. Bugfix

    ===== BMW V6.7.0 =====
    1. Add unlock CAS4 fast mode(5M48H/1N35H/1L15Y):
       1). Unlock CAS4 only require 2 minutes
       2). Support backup D-FLASH(EEPROM), P-FLASH via OBDII
       3). Support exchange CAS4 via OBDII 
    2. Improvement for CAS4 OBD prepare dealer key
    3. Bugfix

    ===== Porsche V6.7.0 =====
    2. Bugfix

    ===== PSA V6.7.0 =====
    2. Bugfix

    ===== Transponder Programmer V6.7.0 ===== 
    1. Add Toyota 8A all key lost(Non-smartkey): Menu->Toyota 8A immobilizer system, Require 8A all key lost adapter.
    2. Immobilizer data tool: Asia->Suzuki->Swift->1996 93C66 bugfix
    3. Immobilizer data tool: Asia->Toyota->Camry->ECU -2004 93C56(2) bugfix
    4. Immobilizer data tool: Asia->Toyota->Avalon->ECU-93C56 bugfix
    5. Bugfix for copy ID67 transponder
    6. Bugfix

    ===== Copy 48 (96 bits) V6.7.0 =====
    1. Bugfix

    ===== J2534 V6.7.0 =====
    1. Bugfix

    ===== Online Upate Tool V6.7.0 =====
    1. Bugfix

    ===== Quick Start V6.7.0 =====
    1. Bugfix

    VVDI2 Latest Software Version V6.6.9 Update 2020-01-13 
    Require firmware V6.6.8 
    ===== VAG V6.6.9 =====
    1. Improvement for autodetect VAG immobilizer system
    2. Add synchronize function: Menu->Synchronize device time
    3. Bugfix

    ===== BMW V6.6.9 =====
    1. Improvement for CAS4 OBD prepare dealer key
    2. Improvement for FEM/BDC prepare dealer key
    3. Add synchronize function: Menu->Synchronize device time
    4. Add reset ELV function for BDC(Only for cars with ELV)
    5. Bugfix

    ===== Porsche V6.6.9 =====
    1. Add synchronize function: Menu->Synchronize device time
    2. Bugfix

    ===== PSA V6.6.9 =====
    1. Add synchronize function: Menu->Synchronize device time
    2. Bugfix

    ===== Transponder Programmer V6.6.9 ===== 
    1. Add synchronize function: Menu->Synchronize device time
    2. Immobilizer data tool: Asia->Mitsubishi->ASX->2011 24C16 support VVDI proximity remote, you can have proximity function without key learning
    3. Immobilizer data tool: USA->Buick->Century->2000 68HC08 bugfix
    4. Immobilizer data tool: Euro->Volvo->XC90 2004- 93C86
    5. Bugfix

    ===== Copy 48 (96 bits) V6.6.9 =====
    1. Add synchronize function: Menu->Synchronize device time
    2. Bugfix

    ===== J2534 V6.6.9 =====
    1. Bugfix

    ===== Online Upate Tool V6.6.9 =====
    1. Bugfix

    ===== Quick Start V6.6.9 =====
    1. Bugfix

    VVDI2 Latest Software Version 6.6.8 Update  2019-12-18 
    Require firmware V6.6.8 
    ===== VAG V6.6.8 =====
    1. German language-Require dealer license
    2. Improvement for autodetect VAG immobilizer system
    3. Improvement for update SGO/FRF file
    4. Bugfix

    ===== BMW V6.6.8 =====
    1. German language-Require dealer license
    2. Add "Fix CAS4
    (5M48H) no start" function: This function can fix car start after success
     unlock CAS4 or after add new key
    3. Bugfix

    ===== Porsche V6.6.8 =====
    1. German language-Require dealer license
    2. Bugfix

    ===== PSA V6.6.8 =====
    1. German language-Require dealer license
    2. Bugfix

    ===== Transponder Programmer V6.6.8 ===== 
    1. German language-Require dealer license
    2. Immobilizer data tool: USA->Chrysler->Pacifica->2005-95080 bugfix
    3. Immobilizer data tool: Asia->Datong->V80 bugfix for PIN display
    4. Bugfix

    ===== Copy 48 (96 bits) V6.6.8 =====
    1. Add German language-Require dealer license
    2. Bugfix

    ===== J2534 V6.6.8 =====
    1. Add German language-Require dealer license
    2. Bugfix

    ===== Online Upate Tool V6.6.8 =====
    1. Add German language-Require dealer license
    2. Bugfix

    ===== Quick Start V6.6.8 =====
    1. Add German language-Require dealer license
    2. Bugfix

    Xhorse VVDI2 V6.6.7 Update Information 2019-11-21 
    Require firmware V6.6.5 
    ===== VAG V6.6.7 =====
    1. Add German language
    2. Improvement for autodetect VAG immobilizer system
    3. Bugfix

    ===== BMW V6.6.7 =====
    1. Improvement German language
    2. Improvement for CAS4/CAS4+ key learning
    3. Add CAS4-1L15Y type prepare dealer key via OBDII
    4. Bugfix

    ===== Porsche V6.6.7 =====
    1. Add German language
    2. Bugfix

    ===== PSA V6.6.7 =====
    1. Add German language
    2. Bugfix

    ===== Transponder Programmer V6.6.7 ===== 
    1. Add German language
    2. Immobilizer data tool: Asia->China immobox->Delphi immobox support new type
    3. Immobilizer data tool: Europe->Rover->Discovery->Discovery3 Support prepare dealer key with VVDI super chip
    4. Immobilizer data tool: Europe->VW->VDO dashboard bugfix for PIN display
    5. Immobilizer data tool: Asia->Datong->V80 bugfix for PIN display
    6. Bugfix

    ===== Copy 48 (96 bits) V6.6.7 =====
    1. Add German language
    2. Bugfix

    ===== J2534 V6.6.7 =====
    1. Add German language
    2. Bugfix

    ===== Online Upate Tool V6.6.7 =====
    1. Add German language
    2. Bugfix

    ===== Quick Start V6.6.7 =====
    1. Add German language
    2. Bugfix

    VVDI2 key programmer Parameter

    Working teamperature-20~70℃
    Store teamperature-40~80℃
    Item dimension146*85*33mm
    Package dimension355*283*87mm
    Net weight0.23KG
    Gross weight1.5KG
    USB InterfaceUSB 2.0

    Package List:

    1pc x VVDI 2 Main Interface
    1pc x 5th BDM Programmer
    1pc x OBD2 Cable
    1pc x Remote Programmer
    1pc x USB Cable

  • Specification
    1. This VVDI2 Full Kit with Activated Software List as below:
    2. VV-01 VAG 4th immobilizer
    3. VV-02 VAG 5th immobilizer
    4. VV-03 VAG Copy 48 transponder by OBDII
    5. VV-04 ID48 96Bit Copy
    6. VV-05 VAG MQB Immobilizer
    7. VB-01 BMW OBD
    8. VB-02 BMW CAS4
    9. VB-03 FEM/BDC Function
    10. VP-01 Porsche immo data tool
    11. VPSA-01 PSA
    12. VK-01 Transponder Programmer
    13. VJ-01 Passthru J2534
    14. Toyota H Chip
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